Mouth It

Rerecorded on 9/21/15 straight from the original file from an aging Amiga 1200. Other than a touch of reverb and some leveling, this is a raw recording with no mixing. This one should be reworked and rerecorded some day with real drums to give it a far better feel, but for now, this updated release will do nicely.

Back in 1993, there were a lot of limits to what was possible due to lack of funds and lack of acceptable equipment.

There is a name for this song, but it will remain unknown until such time as the original floppy disk is found or the file is rescued from the clutches of an aged hard drive.

Eventually found the 3.5" floppy with the original song file and the song name. This disk probably hasn't been used in nearly 20 years, but luckily it still worked!

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Mouth It
As of some time in 1993.

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